Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Success Depends On Your Backbone, Not Your Wishbone

We cannot afford to drift from day to day and hope tomorrow be better. If we don't have a concrete work plan and work on it, we are merely making a wish, hoping it may come true.

Success depends on our backbone and not our wishbone. We promised a good lifestyle for our loved ones, we have to deliver. We promised good education to our children, we have to honour what we said. Excuses are next to lies.

Our financial status will not change no matter how many times we give ourselves lame excuses. It can only be changed for the better when we have our two feet on ground, hitting the roads, working on our goals.

Backbone, not wishbone.... people have spinal cord, not necessary they have backbone.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Stop Nursing Mediocrity

Most people prefer to own a junk car or live in a small house rather than sticking their heads out of their comfort zone for greater success in life. They never dream of good things in life and they usually live a mediocre lifestyle.

Stop nursing mediocrity. Set a goal. Tell the whole world about your goal. People who keep their goals to themselves quite likely not able to reach their goals.

Stop nursing mediocrity. Start living. You are responsible of your own success in life, not your Manager, not the Company you represent, not the business environment.

Stop nursing mediocrity. You live life only once, don't waste it. Live it to your fullest. Be your best.

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