Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Truly Happy Day

My wife and I celebrated our birthday a couple of days ago at Summer Restaurant together with our two lovely daughters. We started with a bottle of fine wine, and we ended the dinner with the cutting of a birthday cake.

We have been celebrating and buying ourselves birthday dinners for many years and for the first time, to our surprise, our daughters paid for our dinner! That was an expensive dinner and enjoyable one too.

What made us truly happy was not just because they have paid for our dinner, what made us truly happy was because they are now grown up and they are able to express their appreciation and love.

A truly happy day, indeed.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Chili Plant

This picture is taken in front of my house. You can see the healthy chili plant growing in very challenging environment, the drain. This chili plant can proudly laugh at those grown on fertile soil.

I have the similar chili plant in my garden, however, the plant is not as healthy despite I shower it with water and also periodically some organic fertilizer.

In another word, we can make it to success in any environment and investment climate, if only we want to succeed bad enough...if only we have a valid reason.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vacuum Law

Did you read my article "Bird Cage" on Oct 1, 2008? I said, 'If you wish to own a big car, build a big garage first, your big car will appear sooner than you think.'

If you want to earn more money, you must have a valid reason, just like if you want to own a big car, you must have a big garage. You may have a goal to earn RM200,000 in a year, but if you don't need the RM200,000, you actually don't have a valid reason, and therefore you will not making it to your goal.

In another word, you must desperately want to enjoy good things in life. Jarad prefers any other cars than a Mercedes for he does not believe to pay a high price for a Mercedes. Jarad also prefers coffee in any other restaurants instead of Starbucks Coffee for half the price cheaper. Jarad has no valid reason, and he will not earn RM200,000 income in a year, until he finds a vacuum in his mind for all these good things in life.

Do you have a valid reason?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bird Cage

My cousin George presented me a magnificent bird cage he brought back from Sarawak. I hung it in my living room as a decorative item in my house.

My friends and relatives admire this bird cage and they unanimously questioned me why it's being left empty. I get so sick of explaining the empty bird cage and I bought a yellow bird to fill it up.

Yes, we have to live our lives in exclamation instead of explanations. Failures have to explain (all the times) why they have to live a below average lifestyle and keep a broken down car. I am sure they are sick or being questioned by their friends, relatives and their loved ones. They need to fill they lives with excitements, enthusiasm and a burning desire to succeed. Then they will no longer need to explain or justify with reasons for not succeeding.

If you have a goal to buy a big car....build a big garage first, your big car will appear sooner than you think....this is called the Vacuum Law.

Plants in Garden