Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A horse tale

A race horse named Champion won countless trophies and awards for his master during it young days. Champion was staying in a air-conditioned stallion. To ensure its race performance, it was fed with oats, vitamins and a full spectrum of minerals and protein.

Now that Champion is old and no longer able to win trophies for it's master. Champion is now sold to an amusement park owner and used for riding by children visiting the park. Champion no longer get good food and no longer staying in an air-conditioned stallion. What a sad tale!

Friends....what are you thinking? One day you will grow old and you will no longer performing.....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Denver was hit with devastating drought. The extreme hot temperatures led to death of many people's livestock and animals. One Sunday morning, the villagers gathered in a local church decided to pray for rain.

No matter how hard they prayed, the dry condition did not changed, it was so severe that lakes were actually drying out. At the end of the prayer, the priest noticed a little girl at the far end of the church, with her an umbrella. Immediately he realized the reason for their failure in praying for rain.....the belief in not strong enough....they did not bring along umbrellas.

He summoned all to go home and bring along their umbrella the next morning and pray for rain again. True enough, their jumped with joy the next day with a heavy rain that ended the drought.


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