Friday, August 28, 2009

How Much Success Do You Want

I was invited to speak at Jack's sales meeting last Friday. Jack has a sales team capable of writing an average of RM50,000 new business every week. Before my presentation, he reprimanded a few of those sales persons in his sales team who did not write any new business, or wrote merely one new sale during that week.

For some sales teams, anyone who can get a new contract in a week, is considered a successful sales person. In Jack's team, if one is not writing two cases or more a week, he is considered as a failure.

So, how much success do you want?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Earn - Save - Spend

There are three things I want to say about money.

Earn - One has to earn enough, his income must not exceed his expenses, if not he is a broke.

Save or Invest - One has to save and make his money work harder for him, if not he is a slave.

Spend - One has to spend wisely or make sure he has enough money for retirement, if not he is an idiot.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Still Waiting For Economy To Recover?

If you have read my blog post on April 2, 2009 (link below) "Did You Invest Your Money Wisely", I probably would have convinced you that economy is on the path to recovery. You probably would have taken my advice.

Just to show you some changes since April 2009:-
Dow is now 9154 points, surged from 7,957 points in April.
KLCI is now 1175 points, surged from 992 points in April.
Gold price remains unchanged at around RM106/gramme.
Mutual funds gained an average 28% since Jan 2009
GBP currently trading at 5.89 (Dec 2008 - traded at 5.08)
AUD currently trading at 2.92 (Dec 2008 - traded at 2.22)

It's Ok if you have not invested your money in any of those financial products mentioned, but you no longer can use bad economy as an excuse for not doing well in your business.

Link for blog post dated April 2, 2009

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